We help small businesses and houses of worship maximize their presence through social media to spread their message and bring awareness to their brand.

“Your reputation proceeds you!”

Welcome to Vivid Lyfe Graphics

Vivid Lyfe was founded in 2017 by a retired teacher and a self-taught graphic designer. I have a genuine love for graphic design. My goal is to provide quality graphics for a great price.

We provide a professional product that will exceed your expectations.

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Informative, eye-catching, detailed


T-Shirts that inspire, motivate and empower


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What Our Client Says

My name is Pastor Kim Wilson. I am a long-time client of Ms. Pope. I remember seeing one of her flyers on Facebook for the first time. The detail in her graphics and the perfection of the flyer caught my attention. I immediately reached out to the pastor of that flyer to see who designed it, and it was Ms. Pope.

Pastor Kimberly Wilson
Global Harvest Prophetic Int’l Ministry
Empowerment Center International Ministries
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I have known Ms. Pope for over ten years. Renee has always been enthusiastic, driven and determined to do her best at whatever she sets her mind to do. Her graphics are professionally designed. Her flyers are very clean and eye-catching. She thoroughly enjoys designing and anyone would be very pleased with her work.

Melvin L. Williams
Head of Media Ministry
Empowerment Center International Ministries
Douglas, Georgia

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