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Digitoral Media is a videography/Filmmaking company that enables its clients to capture and share compelling content that motivate viewers to take action.


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Podcast Recording

Podcasts are the fastest growing and easiest type of content produced to grow a following around your interest, business, products, and services. We will help you by recording multiple episodes in one easy session.


Sit-Down Interviews

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you’re trying to launch a new business, product or service, or just doing something everyday, its hard to position yourself where people can take notice. It takes time. Digitoral Media can capture and position your content, over time, to help you build a relationship with your target audience.

Memorial videos and slideshows

Digitoral Media can help you share the life of your love one both and the memorial service and for generations to come.

One of the biggest causes of conflict on earth is the feeling of not being heard. I love amplifying someone’s voice. I love positioning someone to be heard.


George Williams

I grew up in the South Bronx, New York City that hustle and bustled with stories. Here today, gone tomorrow. But, with that gone were the stories, the history of our heroes, neighbors, neighborhoods, and even culture. I created Digitoral Media to help capture and document life through spoken word.

Digitoral Media exists to capture and share content people are burning to tell and the world is dying to hear

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